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April 2560
Under the influence of the heat low pressure cell which occasionally covered upper Thailand, the weather in almost areas of upper Thailand was hot nearly the whole month and very hot weather in several areas. Meanwhile, the weather turned to hot in several areas of the southern part during the second half of the month. However, the mean temperature over Thailand in April 2017 was about 0.2 C below the 1981-2010 normal. Rainfall with thunderstorm and gusty wind affected upper Thailand mainly during middle and late month while southern part received abundant rainfall nearly the whole month especially along east coast caused by many factors such as the ridge of high pressure area from China extended to cover upper Thailand, the passage of the westerly trough from Myanmar over the northern and northeastern parts, the various type of winds blew over Thailand regions and also 1 tropical cyclone namely “MAARUTHA(01B)” made landfall over Rakhine State, Myanmar during middle of the month , The monthly rainfall was above normal in northern part 33.4 mm (19%), southern part (east coast) 84.0 mm (111%), and southern part (west coast) 23.4 mm (15%) while it was below normal in northeastern part 23.8 mm (28%), central part 40.0 mm (50%) and eastern part 11.0 mm (11%). The total rainfall over Thailand in this month was 96.2 mm, 8% above the normal. The details are as follows:
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Issued Date May 26, 2017