Monthly Weather Summary
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January 2560
January 2017, the average temperature during this month was approximately 1oC higher than normal. The monthly rainfall over the whole areas of Thailand was 130.3 mm (766%) above normal with the new highest records of daily rainfall and monthly rainfall in January was established. Due to the influence of high pressure area from China occasionally extended its ridge to cover upper Thailand causing cool weather nearly the whole areas of upper Thailand with cold weather in some areas in the northern and northeastern parts during early and mid-month especially during late month that high pressure areas was rather active inducing temperature relatively decreased with cold weather in many areas in the upper portion of the northern and northeastern parts. For rainfall, with the prevailing of the southeasterly wind over upper Thailand and the passage of the westerly trough through the northern part causing unusual rainfall in upper Thailand during the first half of the month. In southern Thailand, under the influence of the northeast monsoon prevailing over the Gulf of Thailand and southern part was active during early and late month coupled with the covering of the low pressure cell over Malaysia and lower southern part and over the Andaman Sea for few days resulted in plentiful of rain nearly the whole month especially along the east coast that experienced successive of very heavy rainfall in several areas inducing flash flooding in many areas during early and late month.
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Issued Date February 17, 2017