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December 2561
Mean temperature in December was 26.4 ºC, 2.2 ºC above the normal and a mean total rainfall recorded in the month was 31.0 mm (64%) above the normal. Affected by a pattern of high pressure area from China which extending to cover upper Thailand mainly propagated eastward to the South China Sea almost the month and it was occasionally strengthen mainly during the second half of the month. These caused cool weather in northern and northeastern parts throughout the month with cold weather in some areas mainly during the second half of the month and cool weather presented in some areas during the first half of the month then cool weather in several areas for the rest of the parts. For rainfall, under the combined effect of southeasterly wind over northern part during early month and passage of westerly trough through the northern part during early and last month causing unusual rainfall in upper Thailand mainly during early and late month. In southern part, under the influence of the moderate to rather active northeast monsoon which prevailed over the Gulf of Thailand and southern past resulted in plentiful of rain especially during early month and mid-month that scattered to fairly widespread rain and flash flood occurred in some place during the mentioned period. Monthly rainfall was above normal in all parts i.e., northern part 5.9 mm (72%), northeastern part 5.5 mm (157%), central part 40.0 mm (769%), eastern part 11.9 mm (147%), southern part (east coast) 116.4 mm (49%) and southern part (west coast) 42.9 mm (57%).
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Issued Date January 21, 2019