Monthly Weather Summary
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January 2563
In January 2020, the high pressure area from China which covered upper Thailand was weak and mainly covered the northeastern region and the South China Sea, causing cool weather throughout the month in the areas of the northern and northeastern parts and periodically cool weather in the central, eastern and southern parts. The average temperature during this month was higher than 1980-2010 normal in all regions especially in upper Thailand where temperatures was 2.0 oC above normal. However, the westerly wind in the upper level prevailed over the northern region in the middle of the month causing cold weather in many areas in the upper northern. In addition, during late month, the high pressure area from China continuously extended to cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea combined with westerly trough that moved through the northern and northeastern regions resulting in decreasing in temperature in all regions especially in the northern region where generally cold with very cold weather in some areas in the upper portion. For rainfall, there was scanty rainfall in the upper Thailand except for unusual rainfall was found in the northeastern region during late month due to the passage of the westerly trough over the northern and northeast regions. In southern part, the easterly wind prevailed over the southern part causing light to moderate rain mainly along the east coast during the middle and the end of the month. The monthly rainfall were below normal in all regions i.e. northern part 4.6 mm (100%), northeastern part 2.9 mm (60%), central part 5.3 mm (21%), eastern part 1.0 mm (6%), southern part (east coast) 46.7 mm (78%) and southern part (west coast) 20.2 mm (77%).
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Issued Date February 24, 2020