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  General Situation    at 04:00 April 1, 2020  
Another high-pressure system over Vietnam and Laos is expected to reach today the Northeast and the East regions where the southerly and southeasterly winds prevails across while the heat low covers upper Thailand.

Outbreaks of thunderstorms will be likely in the upper country, first in the Northeast then the rest, accompanying with thunderstorms, lightning strikes and gusty winds and hail. People stay safe by keeping off big trees, outdoor places and unsecured buildings. Farmers should prevent for crop damage.

Dust situation: The stronger southerly and southwesterly winds across Bangkok and its vicinity bring about less accumulation of dust/smog. In the upper North, more accumulation is forecast in the morning due to bad ascending of air-parcel.

  Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity Forecast    From 06:00 today To 06:00 tomorrow  
Day hot with isolated rain. Minimum temperature 27-28 °C. Maximum temperature 35-39 °C. Southerly winds 10-20 km/hr.
More Details Issued Date April 1, 2020
  7 days Weather Forecast   March 31, 2020 - April 6, 2020  
     During 1 – 4 Apr, the high pressure area from China will extend to the Northeast and South China Sea. The southerly wind and the southeasterly wind prevails over the Northeast, the East, the Central and the lower North. While hot to very hot weather occur is likely in upper Thailand. Outbreaks of summer storms will be forecast thunderstorm with gusty winds, hail and lighting strikes in some portions of upper country. The Easterly wind prevailing the Gulf and the South will strengthen and causes more rain over the South. During 5 – 6 Apr, the heat low cell covers the North and the Central with hot to very hot weather in the areas while the southerly wind and the southeasterly prevail over in the Northeast and the East. Isolated thundershowers are forecast in the Northeast and the East. The weak easterly wind prevails over the South and the Gulf with less rain in the South.
     During 1 – 4 Apr, people in upper Thailand should keep off tree, unsecured building and billboards. Farmers should beware of crop damage.
Issued Date March 31, 2020
  7 day Weather Summary   March 23, 2020 - March 29, 2020  
The heat low pressure cell covered upper Thailand causing generally hot weather with very hot weather in some areas over upper Thailand almost the week. In addition, the westerly trough moved to cover the upper northeastern part on the first day of the week, together with the southerly and southeasterly wind prevailed over upper Thailand almost the week. These conditions caused unusual rainfall during the first half of the week and thunderstorm occurred in some areas over upper Thailand. In southern part, rain was reported in some areas almost the week.
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